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Meet Betty J

Welcome to my corner of the world!!    

Here you will find all things related to power, lifestyle, motivation, transformation and entrepreneurship for those of us 50+ intertwined with faith and REAL conversations.   

I went back to school and received my MBA after being out of school for 3o years, became certified life coach, designed my  websites (self taught)  as well as starting 2 businesses while working a 9-5.  I just love helping women help themselves as they move from stop thinking SMALL and start playing BIG.  They begin doing things they never done before and working on those goals.

My lived experiences  including my youth have shaped and molded me as I imagine yours.  Have you discovered that when you get to a certain age, your tolerance decreases – UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME?   

I love me some worship music – Smallwood, Pugh but your girl also love some R&B – Earth, Wind & Fire, Luther!!!  Again, just keeping it real..

  Come along on this journey as we “timeless” women and a few good men navigate the best of both worlds as we enter the 2nd chapter and do remarkable things.     

If you want to connect on  a more professional level, let me know.   

You need to make the unknown              KNOWN. unfamiliar FAMILIAR,                 uncomfortable COMFORTABLE                                      

overcomers roadmap


The things that you give attention are what you bring life to.  

You become the story you tell yourself.

True empowerment looks like Healing, Leveling Up, and never going back.

My hope is to encourage more people to make personal growth a priority.